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We understand the DIFFICULTY of leading and fundraising for a charity… because we have done it.


Case Statements & Strategic Plans

Nonprofit Planning is critical for success

While the bulk of our work is grant writing, we know all charities - including small ones - need an overall strategic plan. It is important to connect your mission, vision and values to concrete steps and goals. This is typically done through two to three planning meetings with you staff and board.

Case statements often follow new strategic plans. It is important that your charity’s goals and vision are reflected in an update or even new case.

Fundraising Plans

A fundraising plan is key to raising donor dollars

Before you can even ask a donor for money or write a grant, you need a plan.

All charities need a fundraising plan.  It is simple:  your organization needs to connect its strategic goals with its donors.  This is done in a variety of ways.  But it needs to start with a plan.

Along with our planning services, we provide foundation, corporate and major donor profiles and research.