Before you write, do your research!

Have you done your research?


Lately I have been seeing grants where there is literally no needs statement. 


What do I mean by that?


Funders want to know that if there is a critical need in the community for your program – or even your agency.  Do not make assumptions, make sure you have done a thorough scope and analysis of what your community needs or what programs it already has. 


Let’s look a few key areas and questions to ask yourself when writing your needs statement:


  • ·What other agencies in your area provide similar services? Ask yourself, should you partner with them?

  • · Does your agency have the skills and background to run this program?

  • · Does the program fit with your mission?

  • · If you have run similar programs in the past, have you incorporated these outcomes in your needs statement? Are you even assessing your previous programs? If not, read my blog on this important piece when writing grants.

  • ·Have you spoken with key stakeholders in your community to justify your program?

  • · Are you incorporating research-based data and statistics into your assessment?


  These are just a few of my suggestions to create stronger needs statements. Give me a call or shoot me an email if you have any questions.